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Cost Saving

Delays been a problem? Accrued demurrage or detention charges? With our expert advice we can eliminate delays & costs. The savings you make will cover our charges..

Minimising Delays

Correct documentation, tariff classification & efficient clearances ensure that your cargo can proceed smoothly through customs, ultimately reducing anxiety & delays..

Grow & Profit

Eliminate delays in your supply chain, relieve the headache of paperwork. Gain valuable time to do what you do best: concentrate on growing your business and profitability..

Customers Who Value Our Services

Thanks to Emma at SARR really got me out of a hole. Super communication and follow up from pick up to delivery….. even helped me on how to pack the pallet 🤗🤗🤗 Competitive price does not reflect how good the customer service was will definitely use again 5 star.
5 Star Google Review Road Freight Services SARR Logistics Ltd UK
Newton Brickworks Ltd
I have used many different logistic company's but SARR really got me out of a tight situation recently they sorted all my paperwork my import duty customs clearance without any problems everything got delivered on time, I highly recommend the service something rare nowadays.
5 Star Google Review Ocean freight Shipping & Warehouse Services at SARR Logistics Ltd UK
Goodwins Gas Engineers
Always a pleasure working with Emma and the team at SARR Logistics Ltd Excellent rates, and great customer service. I am Looking forward to working with them again, I would recommend them to any business who needs help with shipping, the time and money you save pays for their services.
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Frequently Asked Questions Question marks Bubbles Networking Air freight Cargo Blogs Bio-fuel Carbon Emissions Healthcare Logistics Website Maintenance CookiesQ: I’ve considered trying to do import export customs clearance internally, but I’m concerned about potential delays and costs. How can using a freight forwarder like SARR Logistics Ltd help mitigate these challenges?

A: Managing import export customs clearance internally can indeed lead to unexpected delays and increased costs. However, partnering with a reputable freight forwarder like SARR Logistics Ltd can mitigate these risks.

Our expertise in navigating the complexity of the import export customs clearance processes and regulations ensures smooth operations, minimising delays and associated expenses. By entrusting your logistics needs to us, you not only eliminate the uncertainties and inefficiencies of handling import export customs clearance yourself, but also gain peace of mind knowing that your import export customs clearances will be processed efficiently and cost-effectively.


Q: How do you handle import export customs clearance issues or disputes?

A: If a customs issue or dispute arises, our experienced customs specialists at SARR Logistics Ltd will promptly address and resolve it. We communicate directly with import export customs clearance authorities to rectify any problems and ensure your shipment is cleared as quickly as possible; making sure all the correct paperwork and documentation is in order is imperative. Which is why we recommend using a professional freight forwarder as issues and disputes cause delays which ultimately cost your company time and money.


Q: What happens if there are delays or issues with my import export custom clearance?

A: Whilst we strive to clear customs on time, unforeseen delays can occur due to custom officers and random checks, sometime factors outside of our control. Rest assured, our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to address any issues promptly. We’ll keep you informed and work tirelessly to minimise disruptions and find suitable solutions.

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We Will Never Share Your Information With Anyone

Air Fright Forwarding Ocean Fright Services Rail Freight Services Google Reviews Custom Clearance UK, Warehousing Services
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