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Enhancing the Future: UK Government Allocates £300,000 to Boost Generation Logistics!

Enhancing the Future: UK Government Allocates £300,000 to Boost Generation Logistics Electric Vehicle Battery Factory

Generation Logistics Gin £300,000 Boost From UK Government

The Department for Transport (DfT) has taken a significant step in investing £300,000 of government funds to bolster the Generation Logistics campaign, an initiative aimed at inspiring young individuals to pursue careers in the logistics industry. This funding comes at a crucial juncture as Generation Logistics gears up for its second year of operations.

Generation Logistics: Shaping the Future

Generation LogisticsGeneration Logistics, which commenced its journey in August 2022, is set to make a substantial impact on the logistics industry. Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport, Richard Holden MP, had this to say about Generation Logistics during an interview in April:

“Generation Logistics aims to modernize the industry and elevate all its facets to meet our standards. We want every part of the sector to be a positive career choice.”

A Resounding Success

In its inaugural year, Generation Logistics has leveraged mobile and online platforms to engage with a younger audience, providing informative content about the logistics sector and opportunities within it. This approach has yielded remarkable results, with 3.1 million social media engagements and 592,000 visits to its online hub.

Harnessing Unconventional Platforms

Generation Logistics has also ventured into unconventional territory by utilizing TikTok to engage with a younger demographic. Their account features a range of videos, from street interviews on public perceptions of logistics to testimonials from young professionals in the field. Some even incorporate pop culture references, bridging logistics with celebrities and video games. This unique approach aims to make logistics more relatable and appealing.

MP Mark Harper Secretary of state for transportMark Harper MP, Secretary of State for Transport, praised the campaign’s first-year impact, highlighting the diversity of career opportunities in the sector. He announced additional funding for the campaign’s second year, emphasizing the importance of building resilience in the logistics sector.

Educating the Uninformed

Bethany Windsor, Program Manager of Generation Logistics, shared insights from the campaign’s initial research, which revealed that many young people were hesitant to consider logistics careers simply because they lacked knowledge about the industry. 

Year two of the campaign will focus on enhancing the profile of the logistics industry in schools and colleges across the UK. It will provide educational institutions with resources to educate young minds about logistics, thereby encouraging more to explore careers in this sector.

With a total funding of £645,000, including this recent injection of £300,000, Generation Logistics is poised to make a significant impact. The urgency to secure the future workforce has intensified due to prolonged staff shortages in supply chains, making government support even more critical.

The Vital Role of Logistics

Phil Roe, President of Logistics UK and Executive Sponsor of Generation Logistics:Phil Roe, President of Logistics UK and Executive Sponsor of Generation Logistics,

Said the importance of the logistics sector’s to the UK’s  economy should not be understated. In 2021, it contributed £163 billion (12%) to the national economy and employed over 2.7 million people, accounting for approximately 8.2% of the UK’s workforce. Despite its significance, the sector grapples with skills shortages, particularly in roles held by younger professionals.

To address this issue, the Generation Logistics initiative was launched last year, and the recent government pledge of £300,000 ensures its continued progress into year two. Collaboration across the industry has been a notable achievement of the campaign, with over 40 leading companies and trade associations coming together to raise awareness and recruit the next generation of logistics professionals.

A Digital Approach

Generation Logistics has embraced digital specialists who understand the unconventional communication channels required to reach young people effectively.

The campaign has already garnered almost 600,000 visits to the Generation Logistics Hub and generated over three million engagements on platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. While the first year has seen substantial success, there remains a considerable journey ahead to make logistics a top career choice.

Year two of the campaign will build on its innovative social and digital media strategies and provide high-quality, curriculum-aligned resources to educators in schools and colleges.

Generation Logistics is committed to addressing staff and skills shortages in this vital sector and aims to position logistics as a premier destination for job seekers, highlighting the real opportunities it offers.

Get Involved Get in touch

Organizations interested in supporting Generation Logistics in its second year can contact them at Generation Logistics, Join the movement to shape the future of the logistics industry and inspire the next generation of logistics professionals. SARR Logistics UK are fully behind the project and would encourage others to join.